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1.LCD backlighting
2.camera flash light/strobe light
3.interior automotive lighting (e.g.dashboard backlighting)
4.exterior automotive lighting
5.backlighting (illuminated advertising,general lighting)
6.Reading lights(car, bus, aircraft)
7.Portable (flashlight, bicycle)
8.Mini-accent/Decorative/Fiber Optics Alternative
9.Undershelf / Task Lighting
10.substitution of micro incandescent lamps
11.display backlight where high brightness is required e.g. TFT
12.decorative and entertainment lighting
13signal and symbol luminaire for orientation
14.marker lights (e.g. steps.exit ways,etc.)
15.Indoor and Outdoor Commercial and Residential Architectural lighting

A.LED street lights lens
 ( http://www.optic-fov.com/en/products/552.html )
   1.The standard of the LED streetlight lens
a.uniformity of road surface illuminance is 0.48
b.the ratio of the light spot is 1:2
( 1/2 the center spot can be upto 25 LUX. 1/4 center light intensity can be up to 15 LUX. Away from 16 meters , the minimum light intensity can be 4 LUX)
 2. The light spot of the LED streetlight lens is rectangular.The material of the LED streetlight lens is the improved optical material. the transmittance is more than 93%,can work in -38deg~+90deg, Anti-UV,would not be changed with 30000 hours.
 3. LED streetlight lens have a good prospect in city lighting.the colour and other characteristic is not changed in a wide dimming range.
 4.The humidity for the LED streetlight lens working: í▄95%
 5.The warranty for the LED streetlight lens: 2 years

B.LED lens for indoor lighting
 ( http://www.optic-fov.com/en/products/547.html )
   1.Long life time of the led lens.A LED lamp can usually be used for 50 years, as long as to be well-maintained, you can maximize play its role.
 2.High durability of the LED lens.
 3.High luminous efficiency of the LED lens.It can be more than50%, ordinary incandescent just can be 10 per cent to 20 per cent .
 4.Safety and no pollution,no radiation,belongs to the typical green source.
 5.Short response time, adapt to the occasion of frequent switching and high-frequency operation.
 6.Small size of the LED lens, wide range of applications,can be developed for various forms of products.

C.LED lens for outdoor lighting
 ( http://www.optic-fov.com/en/products/461.html )
   1.wall washer irradiation distance:
each LED with a high luminous efficiency optical lens made by PMMA,its main function is secondary distribution of the light.Away from 5 to 20 meters, the smaller the angle,  the further the radiation distance .
 2.Emitting angleú║led lens with 6 degrees to 90 degrees , glass plane mirror, the transmittance is 98%, it is difficult to atomization.Anti-UV.
 3.light body with pure aluminum material, a variety of optional shape such as square, galleyproof type, optional length can be arbitrary: 300,500,600,1000,1200,1500 mm. Width and height fixed (1 m for conventional products).
 4.IP Ratings: at present, wall washer can be up to IP65-IP67  (IP68 highest).
 5.Power Specifications: can be divided into DC and AC, the general built-in power supply external AC220V (Japan AC110V), external power supply is generally low-voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27V.According to different requirements, voltages are also different.
 6.Color specifications: full-color coloríócolorful color, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors.
 7.Trends: at present,led wall washer to the development of ultra-thin aspect,its transportation costs are relatively low, when working at height will be more convenient.

D.LED lens for industrial lighting
 ( http://www.optic-fov.com/en/products/489.html )
   1.Energy saving and environmental protection, there is no mercury,no lead and other hazardous substances.
 2.Led is cold source,led lens is used on led light,there is no radiation, no UV, no stroboscopic, be helpful for human health
 3.The light decay speed is slower,led lens is used on led light,high luminous efficiency, good colour rendering.
 4.led belongs to low-voltage devices,,led lens is used on led light,safer than used in high voltage power devices, especially in public place.
 5. The small size of the led lens,used in led lamp, can be made into various shapes, apply to variable environment .
 6.Long lifetime: more than 50000 hours

E.LED lens for Super market
 ( http://www.optic-fov.com/en/products/432.html )
   1.Illuminance uniformity in the field of vision.................................
 2.Illumination standard,and the illumination of the stability.................
 3.high uniformity and limit glare